As a men’s rights law firm, we provide skilled and effective legal advice and representation for men facing divorce and related issues, such as child support, child custody, visitation, spousal support (alimony), property division, debt distribution, and much more. For more information about our legal practice that focuses on men in family law matters and CT divorce laws, contact our Stamford law office to schedule a free initial telephone consultation.

Piercing the Veil of Hypocrisy

The outcome of divorce proceedings is seldom favorable for husbands and fathers. This inequity is not based in Connecticut divorce law but in the way opposing counsel seek to stereotype men as deep-pocketed, selfish and abusive. We are committed to piercing the veil of hypocrisy and achieving fairness for men in divorce and other family law matters.

Handling Child Custody, Support and Alimony for Husbands and Fathers

As a husband and father, you are far from being equally protected by the state. There’s no Visitation Enforcement Bureau with special courts and magistrates who stand ready to incarcerate recalcitrant custodial parents. There is far less systemic enthusiasm for husbands who ask for alimony, for custodial fathers who ask for child support or for men who seek protective orders than there is for enforcing those orders against them. As a husband and father, you’re on your own.

The Law Office of Victor J. Cavallo is committed to protecting your legal interests in family matters. Because we focus on husbands and fathers, we know how better to protect your rights. We know the stereotypes the other side is likely to perpetrate because we’ve heard them hundreds of times before. You can trust that we are ready to neutralize them on your behalf. We also fight for divorced fathers’ rights after the divorce judgment and during post-judgment modification and enforcement proceedings.

Our legal work as family lawyers in CT is governed by some basic philosophical beliefs. Contact our Stamford office to learn more about our specialized family law practice or review our guiding principles below.

  • We believe that fathers are equally capable parents and that they have more value for their children than just being weekend pay-pals.
  • We believe that it is in the best interests of children to enjoy equal shared parenting time and that fathers should not be pounded into submission to accept less.
  • We believe that divorced spouses have the obligation to support themselves individually and to support their children equally.
  • We believe that equitable distribution of assets in divorce must be equity-driven, not victim-driven.
  • We believe that state child protection and social services agencies should not be father-phobic simply because it’s the politically safe alternative.
  • We believe that incarcerating a parent for failure to pay child support reimbursement to state welfare agencies is unconscionable.
  • We believe that the abused husband is society’s dirty little secret.
  • We believe that paternity fraud has no place in the judicial system.
  • We believe that abuse and violence has no place in the family home – and that abuse of family violence laws has no place in the courts.

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