Divorce Planning

At The Law Office of Victor J. Cavallo, we urge men who believe their marriage is headed for divorce to consult with an experienced husband’s rights divorce attorney immediately. Even if you’ve already been served papers, you still have time to prepare thoroughly. Our many years of experience representing men in family law matters has taught us that the best outcomes result from thorough planning and preparation. For more information about divorce planning and how we can help, contact our firm for a free initial telephone consultation.

Benefits of Planning

We offer special consultation services that help husbands understand the kinds of issues that will arise during the dissolution of marriages and divorce proceedings. We discuss how you can prepare to minimize the negative effects of divorce on yourself, your children, your finances and your future.

Divorce Advice for Men

During divorce planning sessions, our men’s rights attorney discusses matters such as:

    • Recognizing the signs of the impending divorce, including unexpected escalations of minor routine quibbles into uncharacteristically intense conflict as a set-up for a domestic violence claim.
    • Preparing for the financial consequences of divorce, including the steps you can take to avert pre-emptive raids on joint bank accounts and credit lines.
    • Understanding the consequences of the automatic orders that come into effect upon the commencement of a divorce and how to avoid the pitfalls.
    • Preventing your children from being whisked away out-of-state or out of the country.

Contact an Attorney If You Are Planning Divorce

During divorce planning, we talk about how to file for divorce and the process of divorce in Connecticut. We discuss the importance of financial transparency and relationships with children. We try to minimize the number of unpleasant surprises a man experiences during divorce proceedings. By learning what lies ahead, a husband is taking a major step toward equality in divorce. Contact our Connecticut men’s rights attorney for a free telephone consultation to learn how we can help you prepare.

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