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Focused on Protecting the Rights
Of Husbands and Fathers

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The rights of husbands and fathers are often disregarded in the midst of family law controversies. At the Stamford, Connecticut divorce law firm of Victor J. Cavallo, however, advancing husbands’ and fathers’ rights is our mission.

The Law Offices of Victor J. Cavallo was founded to address issues related to men and the challenges they face in family law courts. Since our opening, as family law lawyers, we have leveled the playing field by knocking down stereotypes in matters relating to divorce, custody, child support and alimony.

A Family Law Firm Focused On Divorce in Stamford, CT

While our Stamford family law practice is devoted to representing husbands and fathers in divorce, property division, custody and support, paternity and domestic violence cases, we also represent wives and mothers who find themselves in non-traditional roles and risk significant financial impact from a family law matter.

Our experience as a men’s rights law firm allows us to bring a unique perspective toward the goal of fairness and equality in family law matters.  You can read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients here.

For more information about our men’s rights lawyer and our legal practice, contact our Stamford family law firm.

As divorce lawyers for men, we work to bring equality and fairness to family law. For more information about our specialized family law practice, contact our Stamford, CT, law office online or call 203-602-0260 to schedule a free initial telephone consultation.